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Murrieta: Immigrants’ Arrival Imminent; Plans in Place

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Central American Immigrants awaiting transfer in Texas (c) Breitbart Texas

While Murrieta celebrated its 23rd annual Birthday Bash, Murrieta Mayor Alan Long and staff were hard at work developing a comprehensive action plan for the transfer of immigrants into their city expected Tuesday, July 1.

Long discussed how the city resisted the incoming flood of immigrants in the last month.

“This is no longer a matter of (the immigrants are coming), but when,” Long stated in a telephone interview with DailySoCal. “We have fought this issue two times, and twice have halted the transfer, however, this time the situation is coming. No political pressure will change it at this point.”

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In a Sunday release on his Facebook page, Long described the situation as it has unfolded:

“Murrieta expects our federal government to enforce our laws, including the deportation of illegal immigrants caught crossing our borders, not disperse them into local communities. However, this decision was made by the federal government and is not within our local authority to change. Clearly, this is a failed system that is spreading the cost and needed resources to handle these situations on the backs of local communities. Nevertheless, we must react and put a plan in place.”

In a very fluid situation, Murrieta is rising to the challenges that have been dropped on their doorstep.

“We have been in communication with Congress, with Supervisor Jeff Stone, with Representative Ken Calvert in phone conferences and developing action plans since word came Friday,” Long told DailySoCal. “The citizens of Murrieta are frustrated, and we (Rep. Calvert, Jeff Stone, Mayor Alan Long) encourage our citizens to write to Congress, write the President and express (their) opinions on the immigration situation.”

Regarding the transfer of immigrants into Murrieta, news, rumors, and conversation has spread through social media in a wave. Long is determined to get actual facts to the public, sharing what he knows in a situation that is increasingly dynamic.

Long, no stranger to developing action plans as the Emergency Management and Preparedness Battalion Chief of the city of Anaheim, has worked tirelessly with his team since Friday’s release.

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“We have been in communication with the Border Patrol, Congress, regarding the transfer of immigrants into Murrieta,” Long said, “These are mostly families–specifically women and children. They have been medically screened and most have families in Southern California–a designated location to go while they await court appearances with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to make sure they get there.”

Whether or not the information received is accurate is unknown until the immigrants arrive. Long, along with Rep. Ken Calvert and Supervisor Jeff Stone (who have released similar statements), remain concerned about the lack of details.

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“We don’t know the mix of people, nor do we know where they will be going when they are released … or if ICE agents will be on hand for processing at the Murrieta Border Patrol Station,” Long said. “Our Incident Action Plan reacts to every possibility that could occur and deals with many ‘what-if’s’ that could arise during the transfer of these people to Murrieta.”

According to Long, the IAP includes many agencies, who are rapidly being contacted in preparation for Tuesday’s immigrant arrival.

“Social services, the Riverside County Sheriff’s office — many others are in the action plan loop, however, these all remain possibilities until the immigrants actually arrive in Murrieta,” Long stated.

In his Facebook release, he described the actions taken since Friday:

I have instructed our City Manager to establish a Unified Command and create an IAP with multiple contingency plans and mutual aid. Safety and operational continuity between agencies is a top priority.”

Stay tuned for a live streaming interview with Mayor Alan Long Monday, June 30 and follow DailySoCal on Facebook for further updates.


  1. Simple solution…..Murrieta needs to rent buses, load them from the government buses onto their buses, and drive their asses back to the border, let ICE deal with them there!

  2. Or, rent buses and send the immigrants to the white house and drop them at Obama's door. Its pretty easy to have a blind eye, when the issue isn't staring you in the face. Solution, put the issue on his front door, literally!

  3. People need to get over it! Big deal its been happening for years. President Bush didn't do anything so why would the next president's. Who cooks your food in restaurants or pick your fruits?.. Cause it sure isn't any of you Americans.

  4. So glad we moved out of Calif. the cancer is here and it is spreading. My family migrated the old fashioned way. Legally. The only country in the world with open borders, and payment to all that come. Can't imagine once the ISIS operative come dancing in. When will people stand up and demand the Goverment due it's job, and enforce laws meant to to keep us sovereign and safe!

  5. I sure hope you don't have any children. This & every other school district in this valley will be over run with illegals that speak little or no English. The quality of your child's education just took a dive to hell. Hope your ready for the increase cost to property owners who will have to pay extra teachers for class rooms full of non English speaking illegal immigrants. Hospitals & health related services in this valley will also be overrun. The infrastructure Temecula valley was built to serve the population that is here & planned growth for the citizens that live here. Now were going to bring in thousands of unplanned immigrants who are here for free medical & free housing & free food. They are not coming here to work.

  6. This is not true, Doesn't have to mean we just lay down. We need to get out to the immigration center in Murrieta & start a huge public protest for the media. Draw as much attention to this BS as we can.

  7. We the tax paying citizens of Temecula Valley should at least organize a 24 hour protest at the Federally owned Boarder Patrol building on Jefferson Ave where the illegals are being held & released.

  8. First they were sending them to Arizona, then Gov. Brewer stood up to them and told them NO MORE, so now they send them to Kalifornia where that spineless Gov Brown keeps his mouth shut.

  9. I sure hope you don't have any children in Riverside County. School districts throughout Riverside County will be over run with illegals that speak little or no English. The quality of your child's education just took a dive to hell. Hope your ready for the increase cost to property owners who will have to pay extra teachers for class rooms full of non English speaking illegal immigrants. Hospitals & health related services in our communities will also be overrun. The infrastructure that was built to serve the population that is here & the planned growth for the citizens that move here legally never accounted for 10K illegals tossed into the mix. Now were going to bring in thousands of unplanned immigrants who are here for free medical & free housing & free food. They are not coming here to work. Tent City here we come !!

  10. It is honestly really saddening to hear and see malicious comments being made about the illegal immigrants that are coming to Murrieta today. It goes to show many selfish and racist people we live among. I have seen many comments from local residents who think we are in immediate danger and that our children are going to be negatively affected. This isn't a virus epidemic? These people, families with young children are trying to escape the horrors of their own country. Like us, they want to live freely and be given the opportunity to create a better life for themselves. Most of us residents have it good here and 99% of residents take it for granted. Yes there should be better ways to go about this situation but that is up to the government. As we all know, they haven't done crap to help this situation. Most may not agree with what is going on but I would hope that there is some positive humanity left where we can share among these scared and hopeful families especially the children. So I ask those who live in the Murrieta/ Temecula area to please be respectful during this time and keep your rude comments to yourself.

  11. ignorant people like the ones posting that is sad to see people make comments about illegal immigrants or we just need to get over it are a disgrace and an embarrassment to the millions of Americans in this country! when the negative repercussions of this influx of illegal immigration shows up on your doorstep in the form of burglaries, higher taxes, criminal activities in general, I hope that you get reality check slap in the face! our country is in Financial limbo, we are so far in debt not only the government but your average American citizen as well. The last thing we need to do is worried more about people from another country and their problems. Yes it's terrible that they have to live the way they do in Mexico, but we have our own problems here!is our government going to continue to allow this to happen until our country is so financially screwed over run that we, American citizen's will be living the way they do now in Mexico? everyone of you can call me whatever you would like, but I am NOT a racist, most of my friends are Hispanic and they are Tax paying American citizens as well! Sad day to be American…

  12. One question do you live here? Are you an American Citizen? If you do live here and have such disdain for the people of this country I suggest most courteously- that you pack your bags and GO!. On the other hand the fact that you are content to create a whole group of second class citizens based in their Hispanic heritage ( which obviously) you share says a lot about your self . Well I suppose that since that is their "place" in the countries they come from you are content to offer them the same misery just in a different language.

  13. Okay – the horrors in these countries have been happening for decades, no better no worse just steady. The idea that 99% of us have "good" here is a little funny since such a large portion of the population is without jobs or living paycheck to paycheck. Now you ask for respect- is the act of coming illegally to this country respect? Is the flying of the Mexican flag above the American flag respect? Is the burning and defacing of the flag respect? The people that are protesting are looking at he effects this people will have in their community with the conviction that this administration will do nothing to follow the law. I find amusing that you thing the goverment has a solution to this problem- let me tell you a secret they created it. I see you have a Hispanic name like mine- the difference is I do not believe poverty gives you special privileges and abusing the generosity of anybody ( in this case the US) eventually gets old.

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