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WEIRD NEWS: ‘sAMBER ALERT’ Email for Sahara Sam’s Water Park Get Negative Reaction, Park Apologizes



Sahara Sam’s Water Park in New Jersey sent out an email ad in error Thursday, May 29, that freaked out parents and community members, according to published reports.

The email subject, “sAMBER ALERT: Your Kids Should Be Here,” was sent out in error and their Facebook and website was quickly flooded with negative comments from visitors.

One comment posted on their Facebook read, “Dear Sahara Sam’s, who in your advertising department came up with the idea to send out tonight an email with big letters “sAMBER ALERT”. Do you know what an AMBER ALERT is, you idiots?? I read these, as they are very important. How clever of you to put a small “s” in front of AMBER ALERT to refer to your Mascot Sam — so I would be tricked in opening your ad. I’m sure the folks in your ad department found that humorous and NEVER, EVER need to deal with a real Amber Alert.”

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Another upset parent said, “Your email advertisement… “sAMBER ALERT” is absolutely disgusting! You are trying to profit off the system aimed at getting children back before they are sexually assaulted or murdered.

“The authorities who handle Amber Alerts have been notified.”

The water park claims the email was not approved and was “sent out in error.” They will no longer work with the third-party ad company that allegedly sent the email out, according to a post on Facebook.

“Our apologies – the subject line on the email newsletter was not approved and should have never been sent out. We are taking action immediately,” a park official posted. “We are a family owned company… we will no longer be working with agency who made the error in this newsletter.

“We truly apologize.”


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